Q: How firm are the wheels and parts?
A: Similar to there firmness of a lacrosse ball.


Q: Does Rollertek ship internationally?
A: Yes we do, contact us at info@rollertektherapy.com to ship anywhere in the world.


Q: Do the products come with an instruction manual?
A: Yes all of the products have an instruction manual.


Q: Is there a military or first-responder discount?
A: Absolutely, just contact us directly at info@rollertektherapy.com


Q: How long does it take to change from one tool to another?
A: About 15 seconds or less once you get to know your way around the RTPro kits.


Q: What’s the return policy?
A: Up to 30 days after your purchase was received. Product may be returned but only if the product has not been used.


Q: Can a therapist use the RollerTek tools?
A: Yes, there are many ways to use the RTPro system for many therapeutic needs.