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I highly recommend RollerTek products to all of my patients. The RTPro system is capable of making several types of myofascial release tools and can be taken anywhere you travel to. There is nothing else quite like it.

Sports Medicine Physician, Co-Author of Surf Survival
Clayton Everline MD, @surfsurvival

I've had the pleasure of trialing the rollertek line of products and was pleasantly delighted about how versatile the product was. I like the interchangeable features it offers as every body part benefits from fascial release using different sizes and shapes of release tools. The ballbearing roller function is absolutely great at rolling out hard to reach areas. It has been a valuable tool for me to maintain self care.

Physical Therapist
Boris Li, @borisrehab

As a Parkour/Ninja Warrior Athlete I workout almost every day so I NEED to stretch and roll out. I'm often traveling in planes and love how adaptable the RollerTek system is so I have several options without taking up a lot of luggage space. I always try to be as prepared and multifunctional as possible. You never know what's going to be sore but you know something will be.

American Ninja Warrior, Parkour Athlete/Coach
Jamie Rahn, @jamierahn

I have been using the RollerTek products for well over a year now. It has replaced my basic foam roller because it is so versatile and effective. The reconfigurable features allows me to use one product to treat my whole body from neck to toe. I feel it truly is a worthwhile investment in your fitness recovery protocol.

Spartan Race Coach/Competitor
Christopher Rutz, @toughtraining


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